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EZ1 websites don't have (annoying) cookie warnings.

Today many websites have hidden code to track and capture your visitors activity. This information may then be sold or shared with other companies without your knowledge or consent. Since 1992 EZ1 have developed powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) that not only safeguard your data but enable us to create and edit dynamic websites with lightning speed ... without nasty cookies!

Cookie warnings REDUCE traffic.

Many websites trigger cookie warnings which can be frustrating. Visitors have to accept default recommendations or go into settings and opt-out of multiple choices.

Visitors to EZ1 websites enjoy uninterupted browsing and get straight to content they want. We write our own website code and know your data is safe from spying PLUS every EZ1 website is designed to use smaller amounts of data. EZ1 standards comply with UK 2018 Data Protection Act. No-one has unauthorised access to our servers.

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